Willows Huckleberryland


Our famous Wild Huckleberry Jam, Jelly and Syrup by the case;


Case of 12- 16 oz. Huck Jam/Preserves  $111.00

Case of 12 - 8 oz. Huck Jam/Preserves or Jelly  $77.95

Case of 12 - 12 oz. Huck Syrup  $83.95

We have many other items including Huckleberry Licorice, Taffy, Gummy Bears, Jelly Beans and a host of wild Elk, Buffalo and Montana specialty Jerky.  But to put a custom package together it is best to call me and I can get you fixed up.

To order call Jim Willows
406-270-8677   Thanks

We also have a retail location in Austin Texas at 3819 Hwy 620 N.,  in the Lakeway Area